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Jun 14, 2019

Demystifying the (ERP) cloud

Enterprise resource planning in the digital landscape (within the focus of the cloud) should be viewed as a more intelligent way of managing a business.

Dr Danéel van Eck

Dr Danéel van Eck is software architect at Epicor, with a BSc Computer Science, MBA Strategic Management and PhD in Business.

He has 29 years of experience designing, developing and implementing software solutions, and 21 years of experience in designing and building ERP solutions.

At age 13, Van Eck wrote his first commercial software application that was distributed on thousands of PCs, and by 16, the software products he had developed for technical configuration of telecommunication systems had gone fully commercial. This progressed and he built a business on custom software development.

Van Eck has provided consulting input to many companies on their IT and business strategy, and has built and sold multiple companies. His research for his PhD concerns the conditions under which intuitive decisions can be effective, and focuses on how complexity affects this.

He is also a qualified commercial helicopter pilot and instructor, and in his spare time teaches new pilots to fly.