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Siyabonga Africa

ITWeb junior journalist

Siyabonga Africa is an ITWeb junior journalist


SoftwareJul 29, 2009

Software piracy is cheaper

People resort to piracy as an alternative to expensive software, a study reveals.

SoftwareJul 17, 2009

Survey examines piracy psychology

A Wits study looks to South African users to see what drives individuals to engage in software piracy.

SoftwareJun 9, 2009

Valor IT taken to court

Cipro maintains an impending court case will not affect the R153 million ECM project.

NetworkingJun 2, 2009

Mobile TV inches forward

After its earlier attempt was thwarted, ICASA hopes to issue an invitation to apply for mobile TV licences by mid-July.

DevicesMay 29, 2009

MS apologises for Xbox glitch

Microsoft SA and MID hope to clear a backlog of hardware complaints on the console within a week.

InternetMay 29, 2009

Companies join crowd-sourcing party

Quirk eMarketing's Idea Bounty spurs interest in using social engineering as a means of generating marketing ideas.

InternetMay 28, 2009

Curiosity can kill the company

Organisations are vulnerable to new forms of cyber attacks, such as clickjacking, says Telspace.


Strategic governance key to investment

Companies may lose out on business deals with international clients if their risk management is not up to scratch, says Faritec.


FPB goes after Internet images

The Protocol on the Management of Child Abuse Images will provide guidelines for prosecuting online child pornography.

Open SourceMay 27, 2009

Opening up security development

Security software developers should communicate with each other to overcome vulnerabilities in their products, says Window Snyder.

InternetMay 27, 2009

Take the war to enemy's doorstep

Destroy, deny and disrupt cyber enemies before they attack, urges the Centre for Information Security's director.

StorageMay 26, 2009

eNatis disaster, then recovery

A disaster recovery exercise leaves eNatis offline for several hours.