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Farzana Rasool

ITWeb IT in Government Editor.

Farzana Rasool is an ITWeb IT in Government Editor.


FeaturesDec 5, 2012

Telkom's four-letter F-word

The industry has mixed feelings regarding the impact of Telkom's fine. Some say it's too late to be effective, while others argue it still sets an important precedent.

Public sectorNov 8, 2012

More costs for R2bn labour contract

The IT contract with Siemens allows for termination support for 12 months, but the costs have not been agreed upon.

InternetNov 7, 2012

Telkom essential to broadband talks

The revised broadband strategy suggests several funding options, including capitalising SOEs.

Public sectorNov 7, 2012

DOC DG lied to Parliament

Rosey Sekese could face a fine or imprisonment for misleading Parliament.

Public sectorNov 5, 2012

'Aarto must be scrapped'

Implementing Aarto in its present form will seriously impair SA's already poorly functioning road safety systems, says a government official.


E-education vision for Western Cape

The e-education path will not see the substitution of teachers, says the Western Cape Education Department.

TelecomsOct 25, 2012

Telkom a 'political football'

Government's actions at Telkom's AGM are ominous for the future of liberalising telecoms, says the DA.

Public sectorOct 25, 2012

E-tolls: Feb implementation unconfirmed

Cabinet has approved the gazetting of new tariffs for e-tolling.

EnterpriseOct 23, 2012

Infraco must look to SA first

SA does need to contribute to SADC development, but charity begins at home, say Parliamentary committee members.

Public sectorOct 22, 2012

DOC officials blameless for USAF plunder

The transfer of R4.75 million from USAF is illegal, because it was not authorised by the minister of finance.

Public sectorOct 19, 2012

DOC has 'management deficiency'

Irregular and wasteful expenditure at the communications department is due to a lack of leadership, says the auditor-general.

Public sectorOct 17, 2012

R220m of USAF untouched

Parliamentary committee members are again considering closing USAASA, since it is not performing.