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Disrupt the status quo by embracing innovation

There is an ongoing struggle between “known” business value-driven initiatives and innovation in large enterprises, but there is much to be said for a culture that fosters ideas.


How to mitigate risks of large-scale data migration projects

Large-scale data migrations can be complex and invariably need extensive, concise planning and execution, with best practices, to ensure success.

Dec 14, 2020

A true data specialist knows no boundaries

True data specialists aren’t constrained by tools or technology, as the core principles and best practices remain uncompromised, becoming amplified in the context of cloud.


Managed services critical for the digital business

As companies increasingly adopt new tech, they need trusted partners to help them manage the complex hybrid environments that result from integrating these solutions.


Understanding the undeniable value of metadata

Metadata is an undervalued contributor to data project delivery and operations, yet provides a huge advantage in the development of data-driven solutions.

Mar 17, 2020

A successful data strategy is built with the future in mind

As the ownership of a data strategy is a collective C-level function, the correct drivers are crucial to its successful execution.


Data quality framework: Necessity or discretionary practice?

Companies that have a functional data quality framework are more likely to be at an advanced maturity level with regards to analytical capabilities.


Unlocking the true value of data

Choosing the right project delivery approach is key for big data project success.

Windsor Gumede
Director, PBT Innovation at PBT Group

Windsor Gumede, director, PBT Innovation at PBT Group

He is a self-motivated, results-driven principal BI consultant with 10 years’ experience in data and analytics. Gumede has worked on numerous data and analytics projects in Africa and the Middle East.

Throughout his career, he has played different roles, from ETL/ELT development, to data modelling, front-end development, solution architecture and design, to pre-sales consulting. The majority of his experience comes from the telecommunications industry, but he is currently maturing his knowledge in the insurance space using big data technologies to help insurance clients comply with regulatory requirements.

Gumede is a strong believer in the core fundamentals of enterprise data management. “I see a huge gap in South Africa with technical resources that have skills in the big data engineering field but don’t have the proper grounding on enterprise data management principles. Skills on tools and technology without the literature is ineffectual.”