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Intelligent data management is key to any digital business

In the data-driven era, the ability to manage business data intelligently needs to start by focusing on making the data useful.

Bjorn Olsen
Big data architect, PBT Group

Bjorn Olsen is big data architect at PBT Group. Olsen has specialised in the business intelligence (BI) field for seven years, working for a variety of clients in the telecoms, insurance and banking industries in South Africa and MEA. With a focus on the data lake and data bus space, he promotes a "keep it simple" approach to BI; cutting through trends and buzzwords, and rather using first principles to understand and utilise BI systems effectively. Experience has taught him that enabling users with timely, accurate, accessible and visible data should be the measurement of BI success. Current areas of interest are enabling business with real-time BI using a back-to-basics approach, and multi-platform workflow automation.