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Damian Clarkson

ITWeb junior journalist


MalwareMay 25, 2005

Ransomed data: the next IT threat?

A new virus freezes computer files to extort money from victims.

Open SourceMay 25, 2005

Samsung banks on new flash disks

In today`s technology roundup: Samsung banks on new flash disks, start-up open source product 'rivals` Oracle, and online ID theft deters e-commerce.

ComputingMay 24, 2005

Apple Mac in Intel switch?

In today`s technology roundup: Apple Mac may switch to Intel, IBM develops new memory technology, publishers oppose Google library, and hazardous Apple batteries recalled.

ComputingMay 23, 2005

Netscape launched, patched

In today`s technology roundup: Netscape launched and patched, AMD tackles consumer electronics, and Orange launches mobile TV.

SecurityMay 20, 2005

Phishers haven't given up yet

Russian phishers have tried to set up new links after Standard bank shut down their original site.

Open SourceMay 19, 2005

Patents 'hold us back`

Software patents have outlived their usefulness, says Linux International director Jon "Maddog" Hall.

Open SourceMay 18, 2005

Desktops next frontier for open source

Desktops are key to open source success, say Mark Shuttleworth and other open source proponents.

ComputingMay 18, 2005

Apple already patching Tiger

In today`s technology roundup: Apple already patching Tiger, Sony launches mini HD camcorder, and Oracle moving closer to PHP language.

Open SourceMay 17, 2005

Apple wins round one of Tiger suit

In today`s technology roundup: Apple wins round one of Tiger lawsuit, host of new Xbox 360 games, and open source can halve UK schools` IT budgets.

Open SourceMay 17, 2005

SA could lead open source explosion

Software billionaire Mark Shuttleworth says SA is placed to lead the open source explosion.

ComputingMay 16, 2005

German spam invades SA

Local companies are sifting through waves of German spam today, believed to be the result of another Sober variant outbreak.

ComputingMay 16, 2005

Microsoft unveils security tool

In today`s technology roundup: Microsoft unveils security tool, cars are safe from viruses, and IE market share drops again.