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Clive Butkow

CEO and founder, Kalon Venture Partners

Clive is the former Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Accenture South Africa, he has 28 years’ management consulting experience. During his tenure at Accenture (formally Arthur Anderson and Anderson Consulting), he played numerous leadership roles, including Managing Director of Accenture’s Technology business as well as Managing Director of Accenture's Resources business. Once he was promoted to partner in 1997, Clive led sales for various divisions including SAP, Resources and Accenture’s Technology businesses, cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset which helped grow Accenture into one of the top emerging markets globally. In 2014, Clive founded and was the CEO of Kalon Venture Partners, a disruptive digital technology Venture Capital Fund (VCC). Clive recently resigned from Kalon Venture Partners to set up a new fund. Clive sat on all the boards of the VCC’s underlying companies including acting as chairman of many of the companies. He also plays an active role as a trusted advisor to the venture capital industry in South Africa. Clive also advises a number of other technology businesses and has helped them grow into global businesses. In January 2024, Clive and another co-founder founded a new VCC, Conducive Capital. Conducive Capital aims to raise USD50 million to invest in growth and early-stage capital in innovative technology start-ups in South Africa and Africa. During his Accenture and subsequent entrepreneurial career, he modeled and studied hundreds of successful businesses, both corporate and entrepreneurial, to understand and learn the skills and tools that differentiates successful people and businesses from the rest. He also learnt many of his teachings from being exposed to some of the top sales people, entrepreneurs and business coaches across the globe. Clive leverages these experiences, tools and best practices to mentor and support many start-ups, small and medium-size entrepreneurial businesses to achieve real transformation in marketing, sales, communication, leadership, teaming, operations, etc. to achieve step-change improvements in their businesses’ performance. He is currently applying these principles and learnings to many incubators, accelerators and educational institutions across South Africa. He is also supporting numerous organisations/companies with their entrepreneurial development initiatives, including, Da Vinci Institute, Endeavor (assisting high growth South African entrepreneurs), various GIBS enterprise development initiatives, Microsoft Bizpark Enterprise Development programme, SAB Miller Kickstart Enterprise Development programme, SAB Miller Foundation Corporate Social Investment programmes, etc. Clive also judges numerous entrepreneurial competitions including the PwC Vision to Reality Entrepreneurial competition, Accenture Innovation Awards, EY Global Entrepreneurial awards, Da Vinci Technology 100 awards, Liberty Life ORTJET entrepreneurial awards, University of Johannesburg MBA Programme Entrepreneurial awards, etc. Clive joined Arthur Anderson in 1985 (now Accenture) after graduating from the University of the Witwatersrand with a B.Sc degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. 


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