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Sep 13, 2017

Transformation: where do we begin?

Ryan Hogarth, professional speaker; writer; and social media, mobile and tech guru, gives his reflections on the ITWeb Enterprise Mobility 2017 event in August, of which he was emcee.

Ryan Hogarth

Ryan Hogarth is the author of the recently published "How to Win Influence & Friend People". He has spent the past five years immersing himself in the world of social media, and mobile and technology to understand how these have caused the seismic shift in business thinking we have seen in the last decade.

He maintains a regular blog and has written for Beeld, Business Tech, Meetings SA, BusinessTech, Franchise Warehouse, Skyways, Human capital Review and Shop-SA. He has worked with clients such as Ernst & Young, IBM, ITWeb, General Motors, FNB and Telkom.

As a sought-after speaker on change, communication and social business, Hogarth has an expert grasp and knowledge of the changing face of business being created by mobile, social and eBusiness, not just as marketing tools, but the impact on human resources as well as risk and privacy implications brought by the social generation. Some of the largest companies have employed Hogarth to help provide insight into the new, fertile, and yet-unexplored environment of social business.