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Jun 10, 2015

Bedevilled by the detail

Is our fascination with measurement the very reason we fail to provide great personal service experiences?

Nov 26, 2014

Enabling the 'signature user'

Should companies outsource mission-critical services, and how should the service provider deliver these?

Oct 1, 2014

Outsourcing for value, not price

Outsourcing the management of a modern IT infrastructure can have a positive impact, but the decision to outsource must be based on value.

Sep 15, 2014

Avoiding an explosive mess

Adopting a short-term approach to IT infrastructure could leave companies with a ticking time bomb.


10 steps to drive business case success

Managing the business case life cycle improves IT project success rates and ROI, says Allan Wattrus, business development manager, Unisys Africa.


TCO a process of continuous improvement

Companies should view total cost of ownership (TCO) models as a starting point to improve business, says Allan Wattrus, practice director at Unisys Africa.

Allan Wattrus
programme director for Outsource Optimisation at Bytes Technology Group (BTG).

Allan Wattrus holds an MSc in engineering and serves as programme director for Outsource Optimisation at Bytes Technology Group (BTG). This is a role that is focused on enhancing the value that an outsource contract delivers to BTG’s clients. Prior to joining BTG, he spent 25 years working for Unisys Africa, where he held a similar position, being responsible for service delivery and outsourcing in the Africa region, including the Indian Ocean islands. His vast experience in the field of outsourcing has left him with a unique insight into the challenges posed by a complex modern IT infrastructure, and means he is ideally positioned to elucidate on both the dangers and the benefits of outsourcing. When he is not deeply embedded in the outsource world, he enjoys woodwork, technology design and helping people to realise their greater potential.