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Marko Salic

Marko joined Argility in 2005 and serves as CEO of Argility Technology Group. His passion for new technologies and next-generation innovative solutions, combined with a technical background and business acumen enables him to successfully bridge the gap between business and technology and to lead the business in the digital era. Marko has over 20 years’ industry experience, stemming from software development and architecture through to management, strategy and business development. Coming from a strong technical background, Marko’s expertise lies in understanding the challenges modern businesses face and how to apply technology and digital processes to solve them. He is responsible for creating some of the company’s most forward-looking solutions and products as a developer, enterprise architect, product owner and head of innovation. Marko’s diverse skill set and long history in Argility has translated into a deep understanding of the business, staff and customers. Marko remains involved in all facets of the business and leads from the front with a relentless focus on strategy and execution. Marko is currently leading Argility Technology Group and shaping next-level cloud solutions and innovation, which will address the need for businesses to digitally transform, manage digital disruption and stay relevant. Marko’s vision is to transform digital commerce and supply chain using intelligent software, data science (AI) and the internet of things (IoT).


EnterpriseMar 15, 2022

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About 30% of all tasks are currently done by machines, with people performing the rest, but it's believed the balance will change to 50-50 by 2025.


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