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Tamsin Oxford


CIO ZoneJul 28, 2023

CIO of the Future event reimagines the role of the CIO

Industry leaders will unpack the critical concerns facing the modern CIO.

FeaturesJul 27, 2023

Secrets of cloud-native success

Building, deploying, and managing modern apps in the cloud will bring new efficiencies to the business.

FeaturesJun 15, 2023

Different shades of green

ESG and sustainability are members of the same family, but are not the same.

FeaturesMay 17, 2023

Mobility, how are you moving my business?

Enterprise mobility is moving from in-office and occasional to holistic solutions that empower users and companies; but what technologies define it and how can companies optimise for it?

FeaturesApr 18, 2023

Meeting in the middle

Hybrid working is not, well, working, but things also can’t go back to the way they were. So what lies ahead for the confused business and fractured workplace?

FeaturesMar 22, 2023

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Business intelligence and big data are considered meaningful technologies that have the power to show your business as it truly is, and give it a trusted pathway towards its potential.

FeaturesFeb 20, 2023

SA’s smart city ambitions

The smart city is not hoverboards and flying cars, which is something of a disappointment for most of us, but is about improving citizen quality of life by transforming resource usage and access to services.

FeaturesDec 7, 2022

All together now

The world has changed for the digital nomads, the security people, the dev teams, the infrastructure managers, the gig workers and the employees who work from home or the office.

FeaturesNov 3, 2022

The digitally transformed workforce

It’s not digital control over human slaves. It’s transformative collaboration across human, machine and business.

FeaturesSept 1, 2022

Empowering the business through automation

Enhance. Empower. Engage. And tick every other enterprise box beginning with an E using automation.

FeaturesAug 2, 2022

Post-pandemic printer pains

Are printers staggering to an aged end, tottering to the ink-drenched finish line? Or are they still a business necessity?

FeaturesJul 5, 2022

It’s all about the space

Enterprise storage isn’t boring; it’s an interesting area that’s in constant flux to keep up with digital and data demand.