Tamsin Oxford

Defining the enterprise mobility landscape

From the smugglers to the bringers, from the cloud to the customer, mobility has never been more of a talking point for the enterprise than it is today.

Moving beyond cash

22 Jun

The key to financial inclusion is technology, and many fintech companies are taking advantage of the gap banks have left.

Data and analytics: The other final frontier

May 18, 2018

Its potential has been praised and its future made so bright that few in data don't wear shades, but it has also slid into a trough of disillusionment and insight is demanding the crown

The single view of the customer

Apr 25, 2018

The sinking sand of customer engagement.

Training in an alternate reality

Mar 28, 2018

From gamification to augmented and virtual reality, training and skills development solutions are revolutionising how employees learn.

Access denied

Feb 21, 2018

Digital transformation is leaving no stone unturned as it disrupts every industry, system and business.

Green IT. Now.

Jan 18, 2018

Green innovation and application is changing the business case for investment.

The device analgesic

Nov 27, 2017

Device proliferation of type, style, size, operating system, vulnerability and flaw has caused more than one enterprise headache, but perhaps there is a cure.

The digital unicorn

Oct 23, 2017

DevOps has shifted from digital unicorn to a results-driven raven that can transform business potential.

Video conferencing: Level Up

Sep 21, 2017

Get ready to slip into some spandex with the video conference of the future.

WiFi transforming distribution

Sep 4, 2017

WiFi is having a marked impact on the distribution centre, streamlining processes and making it a safer place to work.

Riding the digital storm

Aug 23, 2017

It's time to put on your wellies. The digital disruption storm is past the horizon and in the business backyard.