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Chatbots are big news, but robots are set to be bigger

Robotic assistants that make your life infinitely easier are coming soon to a workstation near you.

Gavin Els
Head of technical presales at Centerfield Software.

Gavin Els is head of technical presales at Centerfield Software, a member of the KID Group of companies.

He started out in the mechanical and heavy engineering earthmoving industry in 2003, which set the platform and foundations for technical and meticulous attention to the finer details of all aspects of production and process management.

After six years in the industry, he made a career change, specialising in precious metals chemical and gravity extractions, and more specifically gold extraction.

He spent four years all over the African continent, consulting to various mines and bigger mining groups, doing plant design, equipment supply, commissioning/implementation as well as production and process consulting with turnkey plant solutions involving various conglomerates in the gold sector.

In 2011, he was placed in charge of front-end gold operations on a big copper gold mine in the northwest of Zambia. After four years running operations in Zambia, South Africa once again called and he was appointed as technical process consultant at Cubic Blue.

After a year, a move was made to sister company Centerfield Software, where he was appointed as project manager assisting in running the Vodacom ARC Technical Repair Centre.

In 2019, Automation Anywhere and Centerfield Software became BPO partners and he was appointed to head up the technical presales side of the business, which includes client engagements, process workshop and process ROI identification, implementation delivery, technical support and training, as well as after-sales services.