Kgaogelo Letsebe
Portals journalist

Kgaogelo Letsebe (nee Mamabolo) is a journalist originally from Pretoria, Gauteng. She holds a BTech in Journalism from Tshwane University of Technology (Pretoria campus). With almost 10 years in the media and printing industry, KG as she is known, has honed her writing skills in various media sectors such as business, IT, built environment engineering, and food and beverage technology industry. As an assistant editor, her work has been used in The Butcher magazine, Food Processing Africa digital magazine and Food and Beverage magazine. When she's not frantically chasing deadlines, KG spends time with her husband and daughter, meditates to SA jazz tunes or indulges in African history books.

BI trends to take note of in 2018

New technologies will help companies realise a return on investment in business intelligence and analytics, say experts.

Business risks of making purely data-driven decisions

It is better to be information-informed than to be data-driven, says Dr Barry Devlin, founder of 9sight Consulting.

Free 10-week course to upskill women in tech

The Top Tech Tools for Women in Business course starts in Cape Town on 4 April.

Woman remain underrepresented in the ICT field

SA lags behind in terms of promoting women in the sector, says Women in Tech SA's Robyn Farah.

Companies turn to VR training solutions

Local mining and steel company ArcelorMittal South Africa is piloting an augmented reality solution to curb work hazards and fatalities.

AI and machine learning boost cyber security efforts

Artificial intelligence could help detect an average of 44% of breaches, according to an IBM survey.

Hackathons seek drought-prevention solutions

City officials, business leaders and tech gurus are rallying together to find viable solutions to the national drought disaster in SA.

Google Shopping clicks the right buttons

23 Feb

Google taps into the local e-commerce landscape, now accounting for 40% of the traffic of the top 100 shopping Web sites in SA.

Minibus taxi hailing app Aftarobot launched in Gauteng

22 Feb

The platform will allow commuters using vehicles from the Johannesburg Southern Suburbs Taxi Association to manage their travel time, says its founder.

4G drone tracking tech on the cards for SA

21 Feb

Vodafone continues to re-invent its business strategy with the introduction of IOT drone tracking and safety technology.

SureFOX enters local insurtech sector

20 Feb

Cargo insurance company EmptyTrips to offer real-time, goods-in-transit cargo cover to local owners and transporters.

Curbing Day Zero one tech at a time

Capetonians continue with desperate attempts to find digital solutions to mitigate Day Zero, despite the day being pushed out to 4 June.