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Kevin van der Merwe
Sales director, iOCO Qlik.

Kevin van der Merwe is sales director at iOCO Qlik. He is a highly-experienced technology executive with a career that spans over two decades in the IT industry, with 15 years specifically in the field of analytics.

Van der Merwe completed his marketing degree at the Tshwane University of Technology and promptly went on to work with global technology leaders and Nasdaq-listed corporations.

His long practical journey in data analytics led him over a period of decades to understand that the lack of data skills is a major inhibitor to releasing the full potential of data. He is renowned for his passion and belief that innovative technology and people will transform the world we live in through data, mobile, cloud and artificial intelligence – all of which have an immeasurable impact on business analytics.

He joined iOCO Qlik in 2017 and leads the data literacy initiative, fulfilling his vision to enable people to be prepared for a world infused with data in every aspect of life.