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Jon Mantel
Account manager, iOCO Qlik, Western Cape.

Jon Mantel is an account manager for the Western Cape and selected named accounts at iOCO Qlik. He is an experienced consultative salesperson with a strong technical background that spans over two decades in the IT industry.

He completed a double major in Marine Biology, plus Ocean and Atmospheric Science, at the University of Cape Town and then went on to attain his Honours degree in Marine Biology before joining the South African National Antarctic Programme.

Studies for a master's degree that focused on using remote sensing to estimate primary production levels in the Southern Ocean sparked his interest in IT. Processing large data sets and the use of data modelling to forecast and enable better decision-making were core functions of this challenging initiative.

Mantel transitioned to IT, starting as a technical Unix and Linux consultant, but quickly moving to pre-sales and eventually sales and account management as a way to assist customers to use IT more effectively. Moving on from the world of research data and modelling, through a myriad of hardware types and associated software, he has developed a broad skill set over the years. He has worked with many Western Cape enterprise and SME businesses, universities, government departments and research facilities for many years.

He has been part of the Qlik team at iOCO for almost four years and continues to drive solution and service delivery excellence with a highly-skilled team.