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Lezette Engelbrecht

ITWeb online features editor

Lezette Engelbrecht is an ITWeb online features editor.


FeaturesSept 7, 2012

Coming full circle

Microsoft Circle of Excellence winner Jacqui Westman talks about pushing one's limits in a challenging industry while coping with life's biggest curveballs.

FeaturesAug 31, 2012

Tech time capsule

We take a tour through some of the locations where technology history was made.

ColumnistsAug 29, 2012

Missing persons

The fear of missing out is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

HardwareAug 23, 2012

AV tech makes headway

As efficiency needs intensify, audiovisual management tools are slowly being incorporated into the education environment, says 4ward-design.

HardwareAug 22, 2012

Solar LEDs enable life after dark

Philips will roll out 100 'light centres' across Africa, enabling communities without electricity to engage in evening activities.

ComputingAug 21, 2012

Rethinking the grid

Distributed generation and intelligent building management could reshape the way businesses consume energy, say tech experts.

ColumnistsAug 21, 2012

Olympian spirit

What the sporting event can teach us about responding to the major environmental challenges of our time.

Tech in educationAug 17, 2012

Boardroom to classroom

What SA's school principals can learn from the country's tech CEOs - and teach them in return.

TelecomsAug 8, 2012

MTN cashes in on clean energy

The telco will sell carbon credits produced by its tri-generation plant to French utility company EDF.


The Ovshinsky effect

Meet the man behind modern computer memory and his dream for a cleaner, hydrogen-powered world.

BusinessJul 31, 2012

Hopes for hydrogen economy

As the world's top platinum producer, SA stands to reap great benefits from a hydrogen-focused energy sector.

ColumnistsJul 31, 2012

Damage control

There's never been a more critical - or challenging - time for business to invest in sustainability.