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Ingredients for a successful digital transformation

Transformation cannot be driven with just a vision and a technology implementation – you must remember to take your people with you on the journey.


Effective risk management: a Titanic challenge

Ensure your risk management approach not only focuses on the big picture, but also on how all the various possible risks might combine.


Supply chain key to customer loyalty

By creating complete line of sight into the supply chain, companies have access to the data required to increase customer loyalty and maximise sales.


Are hybrid AI implementations the answer?

Open source and proprietary artificial intelligence implementations offer benefits and disadvantages, says SAS.


Creating customers for life in a digital world

Businesses need to think beyond a good individual customer experience, to create a customer for life, says Vishal Chopra, head of Field Marketing at Freshworks.


Getting a micro-computing lesson

A micro-computer offers many advantages to the education sector, not the least of which is that if it is smaller, it is easier to install and maintain, says Xavier Nel, head of product at CloudGate.


The language of digital transformation

COBOL remains the fastest, most robust and thoroughly future-proof programming language, says Chris Livesey, GM for Application Modernisation and Connectivity Solutions at Micro Focus.


Future-proof your people

Artificial intelligence presents enterprises with both an opportunity and a challenge, says Akesh Lalla, country manager, SAS South Africa.


Business and IT alignment drives digitisation

It is key for IT to be aligned with business, rather than the other way around, says Schalk van der Merwe, COO at Enterprise Outsourcing.


Effective RPA is all about the process

The key to successful robotic process automation is to focus on the ‘process’ part, since without an optimised process, the automation will be limited in its effects.


Technology can drive financial inclusion

Effective financial inclusion will likely require a bricks-and-clicks distribution model, including physical presence in some form to build trust and confidence.

Sep 5, 2019

AI's impact on healthcare in SA

Medical professionals in SA are already utilising artificial intelligence in innovative ways, says Mint Group.

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