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Rodney Weidemann

ITWeb Contributor

Rodney Weidemann is ITWeb's contributor.



The evolution of software asset management

Software asset management requires a trusted advisor to help companies optimise, deploy, utilise and govern their software asset estate.


It’s vital to protect employee passwords and credentials

In the modern threat landscape, too many regular employees have access to sensitive data – making them targets for an increasing number of cyber attackers.

Digital WorkplaceNov 28, 2023

The cloud is revolutionising document and print management

With a SaaS model, businesses can enable or disable subscriptions to print and document management services as required.


Design thinking: Helping enterprises evolve and remain innovative

To drive customer-centricity and agility, companies need to short-circuit problem-solving, create alignment and base decisions on tangible insights.


Change is inevitable – so do it right

Business success is dependent on effective employee change management to help them cope with transformation, says Altron FinTech.

TechForumNov 9, 2023

Positives and negatives of security false flags

Wrongly identifying something as a security threat – or not – leads to reduced efficiencies, security team fatigue and unaddressed vulnerabilities in your system, says Joshua Gardner, operations director for Iconis.


The benefits of developing a ‘customer obsession’

Obsessing over customers leads companies to place clients at the centre of the business – boosting revenue, increasing efficiencies and gaining a competitive advantage.

Mobile BusinessOct 3, 2023

Best practices for work-from-home security

While remote work is more popular than ever, companies still struggle with the security aspects.


Taking the right steps to retain talent

With businesses facing a growing number of skills challenges, ensuring they retain their best employees has become more imperative than ever.

Barcodes and RFIDSept 20, 2023

The importance of identities in cyber security protection

With the total number of identities in a typical enterprise growing rapidly, providing secure yet easy access to resources is increasingly tough for security personnel.


Why EVP is vital to the modern business

Companies seeking to get the most from their staff will require a strong employee value proposition.


Planning for the unexpected

Software as a service delivered through the cloud may be impacted by unforeseen catastrophes. Is it time to insist on a force majeure clause in such contracts?