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New app could be the passport to sport and entertainment health

Health Passport Europe combines rapid COVID-19 testing, vaccinations and mobile tech to ensure that people can safely attend crowded gatherings.


IOT is the mining imperative of the future

Internet of things sensors in the mining industry can improve safety, ensure efficient loads, reduce operational delays and provide real-time data for accurate decision-making. body goes here

15 Feb

Smart cities deliver a better way of life for all

In a world where two-thirds of the population live in cities, making these urban areas as smart as possible is vital for a better quality of life.


Digitisation becomes critical as the IOT industrialises

Speaking at the virtual MTN Business IOT Developer Day, Professor Brian Armstrong said it's vital that manufacturers get started on their digital transformation journeys, to become cognitive enterprises.


The changing face of data security

IT departments are expected to secure data in a way that enables it to still be shared on demand. Hosting it with a specialist data centre provider makes this approach simpler.


Reimagining agriculture – from farm to fork

Farming is generally considered to be highly dependent on weather and other conditions. Data analytics and IOT make it much more predictable while vastly improving yields.


Enabling mines to leverage digital transformation

The mining sector can benefit in multiple ways from digitisation, but doing so requires a strong and resilient network, designed to be fit-for-purpose.


Customer personalisation remains challenging

There are numerous reasons why so few shoppers receive meaningful referrals, but perhaps the single biggest one comes down to personalisation, says SAP.


Adopting the mindset of resilience

Total resilience is the holy grail for professional data centre operators, and it is driven by a strong company culture and a mindset focused equally on collaboration and delivery.


Overcoming the challenges of work-from-home security

The Sophos Security Report 2021 highlights how COVID-19 opened the door to new forms of attack, and how working from home has significantly changed the security environment.

Jan 21, 2021

Eliminating excessive permissions via least privilege approach

Adopting a least privilege approach limits attacker movement and protects mission-critical workloads, buying valuable time to detect and respond to an attack.

Jan 18, 2021

The rapidly evolving nature of customer-centricity

An effective customer focus can be a business differentiator, but the pandemic and the changing attitude of customers means technology is key in meeting customer demands.

Rodney Weidemann
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