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Boosting productivity and differentiation with RPA

The implementation of RPA can free up to 20% of employees’ time that can be put to better use, says Micro Focus.


Remote working in the time of COVID-19

Without a fast and reliable network, remote working becomes impossible, says Ernest Mavhunga, senior server and network engineer at TechnoChange Solutions.


Small things make a difference to sustainability

Xavier Nel, head of product at CloudGate, examines whether IT services and sustainability can ever work hand-in-hand.


Tracking and isolating COVID-19 cases with WiFi technology

The same solutions implemented in shopping malls to provide free WiFi connectivity can help track the movement of people, thus helping to prevent the spread of the virus, says Quentin Daffarn, MD at UC-Wireless.


Customer-focused AI – not just science fiction

The tactical use of artificial intelligence to glean deep client insights will enable companies to begin delivering proactive, personalised customer service.


How UC can improve CX

UC can offer enormous advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness, greater efficiencies and significantly improved service levels, enhancing CX, says John Bowen, senior UC specialist at TechnoChange Solutions.


Data-driven decisions are the foundation of good customer experiences

To remain competitive, companies need to use data-led innovation to enhance the customer experience and journey, as well as the supplier’s sales, service and profits, says Riad Gydien, Senior Vice President: EMEA at SAS.


Monetising free WiFi can boost job creation and service delivery

By making WiFi implementation cost effective, one can provide the access that is the key to improving education, uplifting communities and reducing unemployment, says Quentin Daffarn, MD at UC-Wireless.


MSPs and SMEs – perfect security combo

SMEs often don’t have the time or the manpower to consistently adjust their security posture as new threats arise. This is what makes managed security providers the perfect fit.


Compliance is just good business sense

There is every chance GDPR will ultimately end up having a bigger and more immediate effect than the POPI Act, says Turrito Networks.

Feb 26, 2020

The importance of omni-channel

An effective omni-channel makes customers’ lives easier, enhances internal productivity and benefits your bottom line, thanks to improved customer retention, says Komana Rakoma, Head of Digital Operations at Falcorp.

Feb 18, 2020

The tale of the tape

Software-defined storage solutions will likely be tape’s long-term storage replacement.

Rodney Weidemann
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