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Rodney Weidemann

ITWeb Contributor

Rodney Weidemann is ITWeb's contributor.



Raising the bar on contract management

As companies navigate the complexities of vendor/contract management, the imperative to elevate standards and foster strategic partnerships has never been greater, says Dante Deo.


Getting off the greylist

Initially sanctioned for failing to comply with international standards around money laundering and more, SA is making good progress towards removal from the greylist.


Adopting an identity-based approach to browser security

Ensuring your enterprise browser and your existing security measures work together is key to delivering optimal web security.

TechForumMar 19, 2024

Sound mind, body equals improved productivity

The link between workplace wellness and improved performance is being recognised by companies, as is its impact on reducing churn, says Nqobile Twala, human capital consultant at Altron Document Solutions.

ComputingMar 13, 2024

Beware of bad actors bearing flowers

Romance scamming has become a prevalent way to defraud lonely and vulnerable people, says LexisNexis Risk Solutions.


The evolution of software asset management

Software asset management requires a trusted advisor to help companies optimise, deploy, utilise and govern their software asset estate.

ComputingDec 13, 2023

It’s vital to protect employee passwords and credentials

In the modern threat landscape, too many regular employees have access to sensitive data – making them targets for an increasing number of cyber attackers.


The cloud is revolutionising document and print management

With a SaaS model, businesses can enable or disable subscriptions to print and document management services as required.


Design thinking: Helping enterprises evolve and remain innovative

To drive customer-centricity and agility, companies need to short-circuit problem-solving, create alignment and base decisions on tangible insights.


Change is inevitable – so do it right

Business success is dependent on effective employee change management to help them cope with transformation, says Altron FinTech.

TechForumNov 9, 2023

Positives and negatives of security false flags

Wrongly identifying something as a security threat – or not – leads to reduced efficiencies, security team fatigue and unaddressed vulnerabilities in your system, says Joshua Gardner, operations director for Iconis.


The benefits of developing a ‘customer obsession’

Obsessing over customers leads companies to place clients at the centre of the business – boosting revenue, increasing efficiencies and gaining a competitive advantage.