Rodney Weidemann

Digitisation demands a new security mindset

Companies need to strike a balance between security and availability, says Nexio.


Software-defined brings data centre into the future

Although more costly upfront than sweating your assets, a software-defined data centre improves speed and agility, and lowers costs, says Nexio.


Disrupt or be disrupted

Avoid being disrupted by embracing a holistic transformation strategy that draws together people, processes and technology.


Don’t let anybody hold your data hostage

Tomorrow’s successful business is one that transitions to an intelligent enterprise today, but it can't happen if the IT department refuses to democratise critical data.


Data fabric architecture offers a competitive edge

Hybrid and multi-cloud services offer many advantages to enterprises, provided they ensure their data can easily transition between environments.


Turning prediction into an analytics game

Predictive analytics offers organisations a holistic view of customers, enhancing their experience and ensuring business continuity, says Dario Debarbieri, SEO for Asia Pacific, Enterprise Outsourcing.


Brand evolution: a critical step in digital transformation

For businesses to stay relevant in the digital age, repositioning their brand in a customer-centric fashion is key, says Mark Taylor, CEO, Nashua.


SMEs should use cloud to go green

The benefits of the cloud go beyond cost and efficiency – cloud can also impact a small business owner’s carbon footprint.


AI has arrived – and businesses should take advantage

With AI set to transform the way businesses operate, you can't afford to be left behind, says Jon Tullett, senior research manager for cloud/IT services, IDC.


Keeping up with the modern customer

Businesses need to leverage technology to make customer experiences seamless across multiple touchpoints and allow them to have context-enriched conversations.


VOIP finds its niche in the digital world

Using data to transmit voice is not a new concept, but with rapid digitisation, VOIP users are finally realising its true value.


New rules of customer engagement

Delivering a good CX requires an understanding of the rising expectations of today's customers and their rules of engagement.

Rodney Weidemann
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Rodney Weidemann is ITWeb's contributor.