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Warwick Ashford

ITWeb London correspondent

Warwick Ashford is ITWeb's London correspondent.


InternetMay 31, 2007

Technology shakes up media

Just as technology gave rise to newspapers, many say technology will inevitably lead to their demise.


SOA knowledge lacking

HP taps into SOA market with new products, while researchers say lack of knowledge limits adoption.

NetworkingApr 18, 2007

HP fortifies network security

HP's networking division introduces an automated security solution for wired and wireless networks.

WirelessMar 19, 2007

Nokia predicts mobile boom

Wider adoption of mobility solutions by SA business is not far away, says Nokia.

NetworkingMar 15, 2007

Conspiracy of silence

Despite journalists' efforts, some of the juiciest news stories can never be told.

NetworkingMar 14, 2007

Tech catches up with business

Technology is finally able to deliver what business needs, says Citrix.

Open SourceMar 14, 2007

Mobile boosts Java in Asia

In this World Wide Wrap: Mobile boosts Java in Asia, Open-Xchange shares code, IVT releases new Java app, and SigmaQuest enhances Java BI.

Web servicesMar 8, 2007

Competition is good

Windows Live Search is proof competition is good in any market.

SoftwareMar 6, 2007

Sun releases JES 5.0

In this World Wide Wrap: Sun releases JES 5.0, EclipseCon focuses on scripting, and Red Hat, Exadel enter partnership.

Open SourceMar 5, 2007

Technology addiction grows

In today's technology roundup: Technology addiction grows, Sanyo and Lenovo to share costs, and California eyes Open Docs.

InnovationsMar 2, 2007

US gets first mobile TV service

In today's technology roundup: US gets first mobile TV service, Samsung produces 1Gb DRAM, Oracle DBs vulnerable to attack, and theatre blocks mobile phones.

SoftwareMar 1, 2007

JUGSA calls for collaboration

The Java user group of SA (JUGSA) has called for collaboration among developers for the good of the community.