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Yolanda Smit

strategic BI manager at PBT Group.

Yolanda Smit is a strategic BI manager at PBT Group, specifically focused on developing and driving strategic blueprint roadmaps for business intelligence, master data management and other information management initiatives for clients in support of strategic achievement. Her understanding of the challenges of strategic execution converges with her passion for information insights as the driver for success to offer clients a unique approach to turning information into a concrete asset. Smit started off as a junior BI ETL and front-end developer at Harvey Jones Systems, and in a period of five years, established herself as an all-rounder with business and technical insight. Smit joined PBT Group in 2009, where she continues to consult in various industries and covers all verticals within the organisation. She completed her MBA with a specialisation in management consulting in 2008 at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Smit’s MBA research evaluated the effectiveness of existing BI offerings in supporting corporate strategy execution, which she completed Cum Laude. She developed a tested model for business intelligence teams to guide them in how to shape their BI offering specifically geared towards the improvement of overall strategy execution.



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