Raul Garbini

Continuity for all

Even smaller companies can enjoy high-availability solutions.


Assessing high-availability vendors

It is helpful to know what to look for when surveying the market for solutions.

Apr 8, 2009

Monitoring, role swapping offer rewards

Planned role-swaps allow companies to test disaster recovery and high-availability plans, and deal with system failures.


The role of journaling in high uptime

Remote journaling transmits and writes an identical copy of a journal entry to a duplicate journal receiver on another connected system.


Towards 100% uptime

There are many options available that will reduce the recovery window.


Do you know what downtime costs?

Irrespective of what causes downtime, the fact is that unavailable systems compromise many businesses.


Downtime costs plenty

Downtime may be relative, but it's generally relatively disastrous.

Raul Garbini
Sales director at Edgetec.

Raul Garbini is sales director at Edgetec. With 26 years' experience in the IT industry, Garbini joined Edgetec in 2000 as a partner and sales director, where he was responsible for bringing the Vision range of high-availability solutions to SA. Prior to Edgetec, he was at IBM. He joined the business in 1982, first as a hardware engineer and team leader, looking after banking hardware. In 1988, he graduated to software engineer on the AS/400 until 1994, when he joined the sales team selling the AS/400, which has since become the iSeries. His career at IBM saw Garbini win numerous awards in all three of the areas in which he worked, including three for best hardware engineer, two for best systems engineer, and two for meeting sales targets. He was also involved in IBM's Y2K migration programme for customers.