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Evolution of ETL tools: What your firm needs today

Neither traditional nor cloud platform-specific ETL tools alone may be up to the task of integrating data from multiple sources across increasingly hybrid environments.


Positioning people to execute on data governance frameworks

People drive and define the principles of a company’s data governance framework and are ultimately responsible for executing the framework and data strategy.


Get back to basics to capitalise on ML and AI in analytics

For artificial intelligence in analytics to be effective, the right foundations have to be in place, as it’s a well-known fact that AI has an inherent reliance on data.

Apr 12, 2021

POPIA drives data governance best practice to top priority

With the fast-approaching POPIA deadline, there is growing urgency to implement data governance best practices to control and monitor data management.


Bots set to multi-task in SA's insurance sector

Robotic process automation will make waves in the insurance market, offering cost savings, efficiencies and improved risk management.


Risks en route to cloud

Security in the cloud worries many companies, but security and risk management during migration should be of greater concern.


Taking data protection seriously

Local businesses must pay urgent attention to key lessons learnt from increasingly sophisticated breaches.

Veemal Kalanjee
MD of Infoflow.

Veemal Kalanjee is MD of Infoflow, part of the Knowledge Integration Dynamics (KID) group. He has an extensive background in data management sciences, having graduated from Potchefstroom University with an MSc in computer science. He subsequently worked at KID for seven years in various roles within the data management space. Kalanjee later moved to Informatica SA as a senior pre-sales consultant, and recently moved back to the KID Group as MD of Infoflow, which focuses on data management technologies, in particular, Informatica.