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Nathi Dube

Director, PBT Innovation, PBT Group.

Dube is a data engineering consultant with local and international experience spanning telco and broadcast media industries, and large-scale greenfield data warehouse projects.

He holds a BSc degree with computer science and mathematics majors from the University of the Witwatersrand. He also has scientific computing, Python, machine learning and statistical analysis certificates from WorldQuant University and is an AWS certified cloud practitioner.


Project ManagementMay 20, 2024

Enabling data-driven decisions through data products

A paradigm shift introduces product thinking to data, resulting in domain-specific data products that evolve with changing business needs.

Project ManagementFeb 20, 2024

Source system owners vital in data analytics projects

The lack of co-ordinated collaboration between source system owners and data teams may impact optimal functioning of the business.


The importance of data quality in AI

Before deploying AI models to solve business problems, it’s vital to take a step back and assess the quality of available data.

IOTJun 23, 2023

Use edge computing to improve operational efficiencies

Edge computing complements cloud infrastructure to provide resilient and reliable service and improve customer experience.


Can you afford not to modernise data infrastructure?

There are often reservations within a business when it comes to making changes to data tech systems, so it’s good to be aware of the challenges upfront.


Unlocking business value with data modernisation

The goal is to have a modernised, intelligent data platform that supports prompt delivery of high-quality data to data consumers.


Data automation empowers firms to achieve more with less

Implementing data automation can help organisations efficiently and accurately process huge volumes of data with minimal resources.

Project ManagementJun 23, 2022

Key considerations when planning to migrate to the cloud, part two

An organisation must have a clearly-defined use case the cloud will satisfy, and a plan detailing the migration method and process that will be followed.

StorageMay 18, 2022

Key considerations when planning to migrate to the cloud

The goal is to undertake the cloud migration with minimal disruption to operations, at the lowest cost and in the shortest timeframe possible.


Empowering users to join the data value chain

Data self-service is undoubtedly key to business agility, but the process must start with building a solid data culture in the organisation.


Digital transformation ensures survival of the fittest

In this fast-paced world, any organisation wanting to survive, thrive and remain relevant simply cannot ignore the urgent need to digitally transform.