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Intelligent digital platforms are transforming marketing

Effective Intelligence can help you really hear what your customers have to say, says Julian Ardagh, its CEO.


Knowing your customer goes beyond just assessing credit risk

If you're working with a limited marketing budget, you simply can't afford to spend money attempting to target the "wrong" people, says CEO of Effective Intelligence (EI), Julian Ardagh.

Apr 6, 2017

Strategic marketing helps CEOs increase revenue

In today's experience economy, business leaders must think of customer experience as a competitive advantage, says Julian Ardagh, CEO of Effective Intelligence.

Jan 21, 2015

Relief for marketers in 2015

If you are not already down the path of data-driven marketing then now is the time to start planning for it, says Julian Ardagh, CEO of Effective Intelligence.


Will POPI affect real-time customer engagement?

The Protection of Personal Information Act's potential impact on real-time customer engagement demands the same attention as with other marketing communication channels, says Julian Ardagh, CEO of Effective Intelligence.

Jun 13, 2014

Stand by your brand

The successor of customer experience, customer engagement defines the way consumers connect in today's world.


Effective Intelligence explains BI, predictive analytics

Analytical data intelligence is where intelligence strategies are shaped, while BIA is more of an operational level facet of BI, says Julian Ardagh, CEO of Effective Intelligence.

Dec 13, 2013

Customer listening platforms are key

Consumers move across diverse channels, and companies need to 'meet' customers on each of these channels, says Julian Ardagh, CEO of Effective Intelligence.


BI top of mind for CIOs

Successful companies have forward-thinking technology officers leading their IT resources.

Oct 25, 2013

Building towards an omni-channel organisation

Effective Intelligence's Portrait Customer Interaction Suite provides excellent multi-channel campaign management capabilities, says Julian Ardagh, CEO of Effective Intelligence.


Analytics saves

Data analytics will save the credit industry as it deals with the challenges of credit amnesty.

Jul 30, 2013

Power to the data

Organisations are powerless without data analytics.

Julian Ardagh
CEO, Effective Intelligence.

Julian Ardagh, CEO of Effective Intelligence, has over three decades of experience in the information systems, direct marketing and analytics space. He was trained in programming at IBM, is a business management (EE) graduate and an advanced marketing graduate (UCT Graduate School of Business). Ardagh founded Advanced Direct Marketing in the early 90s, along with Advanced Application Databases, which was acquired to form the basis of financial services direct marketing leader, Direct Axis. Ardagh helped build Direct Axis from an idea to a profitable reality, and later left to focus on his main passion: developing data and information solutions that combine science and data, at his new venture, Effective Intelligence. He has lectured widely on direct marketing and data quality systems, and served on many direct marketing and postal forum committees. He is a past chairman of the DMA Database sub-committee, and also served as the DMA vice-chairman for the Western Cape. Currently, Ardagh is on the board of the DMA’s ethics committee.