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Chris Pallikarides

General manager, ITBusiness, a company in the KID Group.

Despite a school aptitude test predicting he would be best suited to the world of IT, Pallikarides studied his LLB at UNISA and started his articles before finally embarking on his career in IT.

He began his IT career 15 years ago at the IT ‘coalface’ – working at the IT helpdesk of Lancet Laboratories. He then focused on sales and business development, working at Med-e-Mass and a technology reseller.

As business development manager in the IBM Software Business Unit at AxizWorkgroup, Pallikarides gained valuable experience helping clients to design solutions that rested heavily on security and data management; at the same time honing his business development, sales management and strategic business skills.

Having gained experienced in solution development across diverse fields, including healthcare, banking, finance and retail, he was appointed as GM of ITBusiness in 2019.

Tasked with growing the firm into the next-generation solutions space, Pallikarides draws on his legal background and expertise in data and solution design to take ITBusiness into its next phase of growth. 



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