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Get on the software testing speedway and don’t look back

Continuous testing is no longer regarded as a speed bump in the DevOps cycle, as it’s increasingly being shown to accelerate application delivery and quality.


Delivering quality applications, always

The quality outcomes that are vital to the delivery of stellar customer experiences can only be achieved through continuous testing of full lifecycle API management software.


These are testing times, indeed

A look at the crucial role of continuous testing of full lifecycle API management software that delivers better, faster services for businesses and customers.


A roadmap for continuous delivery and releasing with confidence

If companies are to speed up their app delivery pipeline, they need to remember the success of continuous delivery hinges on effective employment of continuous testing.

Greg Harrowsmith
Pre-sales CA Southern Africa

Greg Harrowsmith, pre-sales CA Southern Africa, is an experienced technology specialist with a career in the IT industry that spans over two decades. Areas he has worked in include networking, infrastructure, hardware, software, cloud technologies and Web development. He is a certified ISTQB tester, with a background in change management.

Harrowsmith has worked with commercial organisations, where he has been tasked with driving digital transformation, streamlining business processes and cloud technologies. He joined EOH in 2016 and headed up pre-sales and support for the coastal region of the testing business. During his time at EOH, he worked with leading enterprises in SA, focusing on testing tools, competencies, training and ROI.

He joined CA Southern Africa at the beginning of 2020, and continues to play an integral role in establishing Testing Centres of Excellence with enterprise clients, building test tool competencies and streamlining processes.