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Edward Lawrence
Co-founder of Workonline Communications

Edward Lawrence is co-founder of Workonline Communications and a successful entrepreneur, skilled negotiator and Internet aficionado. He is well-recognised for his commitment to the development of the African Internet. Lawrence dedicates his time and energy to helping to grow the African Internet ecosystem.

Often called on for business and leadership advice, he is a member of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa, chairs the board of an Internet NGO, and serves on two boards of large Pan-African technology companies. Since co-founding Workonline Communications in 2006, he has successfully led the company to becoming the leader in the provision of wholesale connectivity and IP transit services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Lawrence has consistently championed skills development in Southern Africa, supporting the advancement of critical initiatives in the fields of IPv6, BGP security, RPKI and other Internet-related technologies.

He has also founded community building initiatives in Africa, such as WomenTechConnect, ZAPF (South African Peering Forum), and the Workonline Engineering Tour (touring with young African engineers to meet with industry leaders on other continents).