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Paul Furber

ITWeb contributor

ITWeb contributor



Handcuff or helper?

IT Service Management isn't an approach to change your thinking.

CloudApr 6, 2016

Making sense of cloud offerings

How to determine what cloud computing options are available to you.

SecurityDec 11, 2015

Canary in the security coalmine

A local security specialist is making waves with a new take on an old concept: the humble honeypot.

WirelessNov 4, 2015

More mobile. More money

The mobile cost containment challenge needs a radical approach, say CIOs.

Cover storyOct 21, 2015

I hacked You

Two professional blackhats open up about how they work, who hires them and how they get paid.

FeaturesJul 24, 2015

Patent pending

Are attorneys the only winners when you protect your IP?

StorageJul 13, 2015

You've been served

Buying a server is easier than ever. But which route to go?

Cloud ComputingJul 15, 2014

Little room for the middleman

Cloud service brokers promise one throat to choke and a unified delivery of cloud services. Is there room for them in SA?

Cloud ComputingOct 23, 2013

Enterprises should pursue hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud enables enterprises to enjoy the speed of provisioning and automatic response to varying demands, says Gartner.

BusinessSept 26, 2013

Obituary: Frank Heydenrych

IT industry stalwart Frank Heydenrych died at the age of 55 on Tuesday.

FeaturesApr 19, 2013

Virtually possible

Is it feasible to outsource almost every aspect of starting a new company to the Web?

FeaturesFeb 5, 2013

Smart customers squeeze cloud comrades

Local providers are having their feet held to the fire by customers wanting cloud services. They're up to the challenge.