Is AI really changing retail?

The possibilities of artificial intelligence are exciting, but SA's retail sector is not quite ready for it, says Sugan Ganasen, head of sales at Infoprotect.

Jun 28, 2018

5G: Why is this a game changer?

The next iteration of mobile connectivity, 5G, is on its way. But this will be more than just a step up in speed. 5G will change how the world communicates and what we communicate with.


How WiFi analytics is changing business

WiFi is no longer just a free perk. It's a source of strategic intelligence.

Jan 9, 2018

Not knowing your Dark Data is a bad strategy

You can future-proof your ICT strategy through assessing your dark data, says Infoprotect.

Nov 29, 2017

Nando's adopts technology; focuses on food and funny

It has adopted Cradlepoint's AER2100 and NetCloud Manager, supported by Infoprotect, which delivers reliable 99% uptime across all Nando's restaurants in SA.

Nov 9, 2017

Collaboration - driving force behind ICT success

Working together ensures the multiplication of innovation, delivery and efficiency, says Infoprotect.


Future-proofing ICT strategies

Infoprotect held a Future Proofing Your ICT Strategy event in August.


Why WiFi as a service the future of business

WAAS is a high speed WiFi solution that is fully managed using cloud-based management systems for connectivity, as well as the configuration of the WiFi network.


Partnering for WiFi as a service

Infoprotect has partnered with HPE Aruba and Skyfii to deliver an effective full-stack solution.


On point protection with constant connection

InfoProtect has partnered with Cradlepoint to offer the FMCG market a reliable, secure solution.


Dual-medium fibre approach assures connectivity

With fibre as a primary line, and wireless or ADSL as a back-up, if the fibre line goes down, the ADSL or wireless line will automatically take over.


Relationships key to effective data backup

Infoprotect resolved NMG's backup woes, ensuring local retention and data security.