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Ensure IT asset disposal compliance

The first mobile hard drive crusher in SA will be at ITWeb POPI Update 2017 in May.


Prepare to appoint an information officer

The Protection of Personal Information Act requires all companies to have an information officer in place.


ITWeb Events announces inaugural POPI Update

This is aimed at helping delegates comprehend and implement POPI practically whilst improving their business processes.


The benefits of adopting and implementing standards

ITWeb caught up with Max Blecher, who is well known in the IT industry for the role that he plays in the IT governance and risk management sectors.


Effective GRC practitioners perform a balancing act

GRC practitioners must familiarise themselves with the latest developments and trends, watching out for associated risks and ensuring the business objectives take those risks into account.


Impact of technology on GRC

With the fast pace of technological change, are you as the GRC practitioner facilitating or frustrating progress?


GRC enabling business agility, not inhibiting it

Agile GRC practitioners empower business to make informed decisions within the confinement of law and regulations.


Good governance and cybercrime in the digital age

Digitalisation has brought with it various cybercrime opportunities that are not only financially motivated, but can still pose a big threat for corporates.


Digitisation brings new risks for GRC practitioners

The risks and threats that come with digitisation are real and every GRC practitioner should ensure they know and understand new regulations, standards and laws.


Governance in the digital age

There is always a risk to be managed with the introduction of any new technology or service. The increase in advanced technology has created threats that are dynamic and are able to adapt to or overcome countermeasures, becoming more potent. Is your GRC team ready?


Absorbing the impact of socio-political events

As a GRC practitioner, it is your duty to ensure you are aware of all the risks and opportunities facing your organisation.


How to survive digital disruption

Change has become the only constant and it is fuelled by digitisation and the digital consumer.