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What to consider when modernising mainframes

Forward-thinking firms want to leverage today's advanced analytics platforms, as well as scalable cloud services, but a few issues must be put on the radar first.


Unlocking the value of modernising the ‘big iron’

For many organisations, the mainframe is mission-critical, containing massive amounts of valuable core business data.

Carl Butler
Qlik Data Integration sales executive, iOCO.

Carl Butler is Qlik Data Integration sales executive at iOCO. 

His career spans over two decades working as an IT professional. He has extensive experience in key accounts, coupled with expertise in driving business data for the enterprise through the sales of various top tier business intelligence, data warehousing, data integration and big data platforms. Butler is a driver by nature and results-focused, with a passion for data. 

He joined iOCO in 2021 and is focused on the Qlik Data Integration platform, with the goal of assisting organisations to unlock meaningful insights from real-time data.