Natasha Meintjies

Tech is shaping your shopping

The use of technology in retailing is no longer just about going online. Retailers are monitoring your spend - but (mostly) so they can serve you better.

Cutting out the plague

Mar 14, 2018

Overworked doctors may soon find some help via the growing trend towards eHealth solutions.

Has OSS finally come into its own?

Feb 27, 2018

We are using open source software without realising it, and now the business case for enterprise seems to be here.

Connecting our worlds

Dec 13, 2017

The Internet of Things is connecting everything, saving time and money, but at what security cost?

Spotlight on public InfoSec

Nov 20, 2017

Your identity is probably the most important thing you own, but are government departments doing enough to protect it?

ECM - a step towards the paperless office?

Oct 17, 2017

ECM cuts down on physical paper, and makes storing information easier, saving companies time.

Transforming the land line

Sep 29, 2017

Software-defined networking is the future of telephony, and it's going to save companies money.

Experiencing your customers

Aug 11, 2017

In today's economic climate, growing your business through building a loyal base of customers is the way to go.

Making data green

Jul 20, 2017

Greening up a datacentre makes sense, but there are cost implications.