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Financial planning and the tech tools that empower it

Enterprise processes and procedures are crucial to all companies’ ability to create fiscal policies that ensure the very essence of business success – financial health.

Netesh Maharajh
Director at ALNET Technologies

Netesh Maharajh is a director at ALNET Technologies and is a seasoned technology specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the sector. He moved from his first position at Sage South Africa (2001 to 2010) – previously Softline – to join the Sage Partner Ecosystem as a Sage business partner specialising in ERP planning, design, software implementations and systems integrations. His skills include expertise insoftware architecture, plus design, project management and business software continuity planning.

His passion for enterprise resource planning and business managementsolutions allows him to deliver structuredimplementations that are robust and scalable for business growth, and form part of the client’s software continuity planning strategy.