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Shift right or shift left: The testing dilemma

CIOs need to understand why continuous testing, as part of DevOps, is set to play an important role in delivering better apps, faster.


Guardians of product performance track app development step by step

Performance engineering is transforming software development and the job descriptions of all those engaged in it, ensuring consistent production performance results.


The business value proposition of performance engineering

As software scales in complexity, companies recognise that performance engineering and testing are essential DevOps processes, but performance is not only about speed.

Floyd Moodley
Solutions executive of software at iOCO.

Floyd Moodley is solutions executive of software at iOCO. He commenced his career in the finance sector in the role of auditing and training assistant. He went on to work at Allan Gray Asset Managers as a consultant in its retail operations business unit and after gaining valuable experience, he moved into the position of software user interface/functional tester, which proved to be a launching pad for a passion and career in technology with exposure to development and analysis. 

His combined expertise in technology and business operations enabled him to fulfil various positions across multiple domains in the company, which served to further develop his interest in the technology sector.

In 2015, he embarked on his BCom Honours in Information Systems, which would further entrench his knowledge and experience. Moodley's final research paper was published at the International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering − Confluence, in 2017.

With the backing of academic disciplines and years of deep technical insight and business experience, he moved to senior business roles. In 2021, Moodley was appointed solutions executive at iOCO, where he delves into the application management space and oversees a range of technologies that are positioned to elevate customer service.