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Nov 18, 2020

The principles of continuous learning in DevOps

An organisation can translate the improvements of one DevOps team into a catalyst of change for the entire company by using mistakes as a springboard for learning.


The principles of feedback: Taking monitoring to the next level

As DevOps teams become more comfortable with the ability to use monitoring tools to react to problems and issues, they can expand what they do with these tools.


Principles of flow: How to move fast and not break things

By automating the software build and deployment process, a team can truly begin to move quicker, reducing the number of catastrophic errors in their applications.

Sep 3, 2020

DevOps: The pillars of operational excellence

When we believe DevOps only relates to technical teams, we underestimate its value and we will never experience its true strength and power.

Jonty Sidney
Senior cloud and DevOps engineer at Synthesis
Jonty Sidney is a senior cloud and DevOps engineer at Synthesis with five Amazon Web Services certifications, including certified DevOps Professional. Over the last four years, he has built complex cloud environments for highly regulated financial and retail customers. He believes DevOps practices and principles have huge potential for delivering value to customers and creating greater efficiencies, as well as high morale in teams that are constantly innovating and pushing the technical envelope.