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Simon Cashmore


E-commerceAug 12, 2015

Online thrills

E-commerce start-ups are looking to woo consumers with new experiences and close communities.

SecurityJul 22, 2015

Get your head above water

Big corporations will soon have to come clean about breaches of their IT systems - and all hell will break loose.

CareersJun 23, 2015

It's time to speak out

IT professionals need to get out of their cubicles and use social media to get ahead.

FeaturesApr 9, 2015

Rise to the challenge

Last year was a tough year for most South African CIOs. This year is likely to be worse.

Case StudyMar 30, 2015

Hungry for Growth

Mezzanine moves up the food chain.

FeaturesMar 6, 2015

The rise of the innovator

Vincent Maher's performance as chief innovation officer will help the CIO determine whether the CINO is an ally or rival.

FeaturesNov 5, 2014

Heading for the exit

Tech entrepreneurs need more than a good product, a slick sales strategy and some well-heeled investors to make a start-up succeed. They also need an exit strategy.

FeaturesSept 3, 2014

Touring the road less travelled

Tech startup Tour 2.0 is opening new avenues for tourism in South Africa. It also hopes to open the minds of its foreign clients.

FeaturesAug 14, 2014

Pushing the Pebble

Thumbzup Innovations has garnered some heavyweight backing for its Pebble mobile payment device. Market response in the next 12 months will determine whether the product flies or sinks.

FeaturesJul 17, 2014

Shaking the giants

Fast-rising RainFin is tapping social data to shake up the local banking market and grab a slice of the lucrative loans business.

FeaturesJun 19, 2014

Shopping for change

South Africa's black middle class spends around R420 billion a year, yet most of it goes to white-owned businesses. Three entrepreneurs are rallying consumers in an effort to bolster black businesses and boost the economy.

Cover storyMar 19, 2014

Stellenbosch rising

Stellenbosch reckons it has far more to offer than fine wines and good living. It's making an ambitious bid to become Africa's innovation capital.