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Hunting down IOT opportunities

Consumers are set to purchase a massive number of devices and invest significantly in IOT ecosystems.


IOT as a game-changer

The Internet of things can unlock new powers and efficiencies for those equipped for the networked economy.


Capitalise on IOT now

Get devices to start talking, get more out of existing IT assets, and you will get a jump-start on the competition.


Recession drives IT

Managers must use this time to consider efficiency and optimisation above all else, says Glen Ansell, CEO of i5 Group.


BI, CRM help companies

Customers have become gold and maintaining good relationships with them is crucial, says Glen Ansell, founder of the i5 Group.

May 26, 2008

CRM drives perceived value

With the support of effective CRM systems, companies have the ability to influence the perception of value, says Glen Ansell, i5 CEO.

Glen Ansell
founder and CEO of ThatThing.

Glen Ansell is a recognised thought leader in the world of technology. A serial entrepreneur, he founded his first company, i5 Technology, at 22. Within seven years, he grew it into a multinational business that employed more than 100 people. He joined the global entrepreneur network Endeavor in 2008. He is currently sales and marketing director at business intelligence company Young Blood Consultants, and co-founder and CEO of IOT specialist ThatThing. Ansell has a BCom degree in logistics management from Stellenbosch University, and an honour’s degree in psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand, where he is completing a master’s degree in the subject. His interests lie in neuropsychology, statistical analysis and the design of human machine interfaces. In his spare time, he builds robots and drones.