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Build your skills to be future-relevant

To increase personal equity, start now, start small and increase incrementally, as when you have skills, you can take risks and will not be afraid of change.


Build your network to boost resilience in times of change

Creating and maintaining a professional network is not something most of us find at the top of our to-do list, but it is essential to ensuring personal resilience.

Angela de Longchamps
Director, Tandem Learning and Leadership Solutions

Angela de Longchamps is a passionate South African who has worked across the world, but chooses South Africa to call home. Her 20+ years of international corporate experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM, in HR and as a leadership development facilitator, learning designer and event speaker, and the very grounding reality of taking her job as mom to three children very seriously, are the foundation for her one business: Tandem Learning and Leadership Solutions. She partners with local and international businesses to help leaders shape up and step up.

She is also founder and CEO of a collaboration economy blended learning approach and methodology called: Inspired Leadership.