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Angela de Longchamps

Founder and CEO of Inspired Leadership.

Angela de Longchamps is founder and CEO of Inspired Leadership. She works across organisations with managers and emerging leaders to help them create a culture that fosters the best performance in themselves and in others. This balanced, blended and human-centred learning and development approach is designed out of 20 years of experience within the corporate world (PwC and IBM), both as a consultant and in various senior leadership line positions. She has been growing her South African-based businesses since 2017 and has assisted organisations both locally and internationally to embrace a digital learning culture as the workplace has shifted.


CIO ZoneApr 15, 2024

Invest in leadership development to drive success in tech

Going beyond impacting profitability, investing in leadership development directly enhances the effectiveness of individual IT managers.


AI and jobs: Congratulations, you’re a manager

Anyone using an artificial intelligence assistant is essentially a manager – of models and/or non-human agents rather than people.

Career MovesFeb 14, 2024

Making hybrid work, work!

To successfully implement a long-term hybrid working approach, companies must create and fully commit to a suitable framework.

Career MovesJul 12, 2023

Equip managers to extinguish workplace burnout

Sixty-one percent of surveyed IT professionals in SA report feeling burned out at work – are you part of the problem or the solution?

Career MovesJun 1, 2023

Don’t panic: Finding mental equilibrium at work

The high-pressure, ever-changing IT industry is a breeding ground for mental health challenges among staff, but there are solutions.

CIO ZoneDec 14, 2022

Don’t just rest – restore

Start off 2023 by instead of focusing on working harder and longer, focusing on how to regularly restore your energy more purposefully.

CIO ZoneNov 1, 2022

Burnt out and seeking work-life balance

Does quiet quitting reflect a shift in thinking about work culture and engagement, and are companies looking beyond the phenomena to the cause?


Incorporate young talent now to create the future

Creating a pipeline of future leaders should be a priority, but the challenges faced by companies recruiting a diverse entry-level talent pool are quite stark in SA.

Career MovesSept 18, 2020

Breakout strategies for those trapped in ‘comfort prison’

Be aware of your personal ‘comfort prison’, plan your escape and do what it takes to get going on your new strategy.

Career MovesSept 11, 2020

You’ve got this!

A critical inner voice can completely undermine your confidence, but you can train your harsh inner voice to speak a more constructive repertoire.


Be kind to yourself to cultivate confidence

While confidence is a difficult concept to pin down, we can all grow in self-belief, self-esteem, self-compassion and optimism.


Show up and make a good impression

Be sure to show up today with consistency, a good attitude and positive body language, so you will be remembered tomorrow for good things.