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Feb 28, 2017

Outsourcing: a new era descends

Companies are looking for flexible contracts, reduced costs and the agility to adapt to new technology trends.


T-Systems offers simplified app landscapes

When AMM2Go is coupled with T-Systems'?SAP HANA Migration Factory and?Cloudifier offerings, clients are guaranteed at least a 20% reduction in their IT operating costs, says Collin Govender, VP: Systems Integration at T-Systems SA.

Collin Govender
VP of sales and service management at T-Systems South Africa.

Collin Govender is the VP of sales and service management at T-Systems South Africa. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Govender is passionate about the way IT can transform business. He has extensive experience in the systems integration arena, but has managed diverse and multi-disciplinary teams. These include the infrastructure part of the business as well as human resources. Govender has led companies comprising over 1 000 people and has helped transform the strategically irrelevant to being core parts of the business. He has also been involved in turning a number of businesses around and, in so doing, has developed an intuitive resilience to ensuring business sustainability. Govender currently is focused on the digital business transformation arena, assisting customers to drive efficiency, improve their customer experience and helping drive new revenue streams from new business models. He remains passionate about connecting people with their purpose in this new digital realm.