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Building resilience and elasticity to survive and thrive

Three areas of resilience create the opportunity to build business sustainability, which is the ultimate goal: building capacity, capability and competence.

Jul 12, 2021

The difference between true leaders and mere custodians

Building the foundation for a season of economic growth requires vision and bravery, and company leaders need to step up and own their decisions.


Is outsourcing just a sophisticated Ponzi scheme?

Without an evolution in thinking and contract negotiations, outsourcing runs the risk of resembling a sophisticated Ponzi scheme.


Why ERP standardisation is not the complete answer

Strategic customisations in key enterprise resource planning areas can enhance and develop your company’s unique competitive advantages.

Feb 28, 2017

Outsourcing: a new era descends

Companies are looking for flexible contracts, reduced costs and the agility to adapt to new technology trends.


T-Systems offers simplified app landscapes

When AMM2Go is coupled with T-Systems'?SAP HANA Migration Factory and?Cloudifier offerings, clients are guaranteed at least a 20% reduction in their IT operating costs, says Collin Govender, VP: Systems Integration at T-Systems SA.

Collin Govender
Managing director of Altron Karabina

Collin Govender is managing director of Altron Karabina, having first joined Altron as group executive for shared services. He is known for his strategic and highly pragmatic approach to leadership, as well as an innate sense for driving team outcomes and driving people to realise their full potential.

Prior to joining the Altron Group, Govender was vice-president for sales and service management at T-Systems. Instead of following a conventional route into enterprise IT, he entered the workforce with a Durban-based logistics company, where he was tasked with everything from running cables, building networks and developing code. He later moved to Johannesburg, where he spent 17 years at T-Systems, a German multinational IT services and consulting company.

Looking ahead, Govender is focused on connecting individuals with their purpose in the new digital environment – and finding ways to align purpose with sustainable business practices.