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Ethan Searle

Business development director, LanDynamix.

Upon acquiring his Hons BCom, marketing, from the University of Johannesburg, Searle followed his passion for the fast-moving business technology arena. He joined LanDynamix in 2017 in the capacity of technology advisor, with responsibility for guiding the company's entrepreneurial customer base on risk mitigation, enhanced operational efficiencies and cost reduction − all of which can be achieved through technology enablement.


IOTFeb 28, 2024

Building a data protection framework

Why it's important to approach data protection holistically and within the context of the specific organisation.


Avoid the legacy versus digitalisation trap

Automation needs to bridge systems and business processes, as technology needs to be positioned properly to deliver consistent outcomes.


The real legacy tech trap

Legacy tech is often viewed in isolation as a tech issue, but it’s advisable to look beyond hardware and software to include business processes.

MalwareAug 16, 2023

Taking a business approach to cyber security

The costs of implementing robust cyber security measures can be significant, but are an essential investment in the business.

MalwareJul 27, 2023

Cyber security is business issue not technical one

Companies need to define the business problem of a possible cyber security breach, and recognise the need for multiple layers of defence.


Automation caveats and how benefits far outweigh them

Implementing automation can help companies streamline processes, reduce costs, improve accuracy and increase productivity.

IOTJun 7, 2023

Automation and its business value proposition

Adopting automation can help companies get the most out of existing personnel and permanently reduce the cost of doing business.


Insights into driving exceptional revenue growth

Sales enablement must be an ongoing process of benchmarking, evaluation, training, support and tech to ensure sales teams are equipped to drive growth.

IOTMar 25, 2021

The advantages of hardware as a service are immense

Why outsourcing ownership of IT assets, specifically hardware, is the latest burgeoning trend that boils down to both common sense and good business sense.


Avoid ‘IT supervillain’ status with help from outsourcing

Unpacking the status of the ‘IT superhero’, who is trying to desperately navigate the end-user blame game, while ensuring the entire functionality of the company.


Envisioning calmer times for harassed IT managers

Reaching out to all under-pressure IT managers seeking the Holy Grail of 'peace of mind' in a perfect world of no end-user problems.


Costing cloud and weighing up use cases

There are misconceptions that the cloud offers dramatic savings and will allow companies to eliminate the cost of buying hardware and maintaining it.