Heidi Ziegelmeier

Get ready for collaborative robotics future

The biggest change in the age of automation will be the emergence of new working models built around human-machine collaboration.

Nov 8, 2016

Embracing agile

What can a business do to ensure agile adoption runs smoothly?


Invading the future

Getting the elephant in the room into training for a lean and agile future.

Heidi Ziegelmeier
Business development manager, CA Southern Africa

Heidi Ziegelmeier, business development manager at CA Southern Africa, is a seasoned IT and marketing professional with a passion for project management. Ziegelmeier is an entrepreneurial self-starter with in excess of 20 years’ management expertise with leading global IT players, including Dell, IBM and CA. She thrives on identifying opportunities and exploiting gaps in the market. In her business development role at CA Southern Africa, she focuses on the development of products, services and innovations through digital disruption.