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Kaunda Chama

ITWeb features editor

Kaunda Chama is ITWeb's features editor.


Skills developmentJul 10, 2006

Why develop when you can poach?

At a time when SA is in dire need of IT skills, the industry is recycling the same people instead of growing the pool of experts.


SOA orders Amazon

In this week`s enterprise architecture World Wide Wrap: SOA creates order out of chaos at Amazon, architecting the SOA registry/repository, and US streamlines procurement.


ORBISM and ProSolveIT partner

In this enterprise architecture World Wide Wrap: ORBISM and ProSolveIT sign partnership agreement and Oracle debuts event-driven architecture.


ActiveBatch support for Web services unveiled

In this enterprise architecture World Wide Wrap: Advanced Systems unveils ActiveBatch support for Web services, DISA awards SOA governance contract and business principles and directions.

HardwareJun 15, 2006

Nokia`s phonkiest phone thus far

Nokia showcased the N91 last week, one of the latest additions to its NSeries range of high performance multimedia handsets.


ERP: How much do you need?

Vendors have adapted ERP solutions to accommodate small and medium enterprises, but how much of the total package do these businesses really need?

BusinessJun 2, 2006

Swicon sells stake to BEE group

Swicon has sold a 45% stake to black-owned investment holding company Seemahale.


Pearson completes Blueprint acquisition

In this enterprise architecture World Wide Wrap: Pearson completes Blueprint acquisition and Gartner announces summit on enterprise architecture.


Telelogic positioned in 'leaders` quadrant`

In this enterprise architecture World Wide Wrap: Telelogic positioned in "leaders` quadrant" and building blocks of SOA governance.


The CRM is always right

Knowing customers is one thing. Understanding them is another. Users tell us whether the technology is a true route to customer understanding.

ReviewsApr 28, 2006

NBA2K6: Plays well, unimpressive look

If the wishy-washy look and feel can be overlooked, many hours of fun can be gained from NBA 2K6 - testimony to the fact that developers should remember to cover all bases.


BEA announces BlueDragon

In this enterprise architecture World Wide Wrap: BEA announces BlueDragon, Red Hat grabs JBoss for $350 million and SOA`s flexibility could result in chaos.