Jane Steinacker

James Devine - Hands-on approach

Devine, meet the man who makes Project Isizwe work.

Sep 2, 2015

Nkandla's Girls

Can ICT save them? Community centres are trying to address years of oppression in rural KwaZulu-Natal, but is this battle futile?

Apr 23, 2015

The skills crisis

We don't actually know how bad it is.


Gone baby, gone

If you don't get ITSM right, you might go bankrupt, experts say.


Gian Visser - Shake, rattle & roll

Gian Visser, CEO of Afrihost, won the prestigious IT Personality of the Year 2014 award.

Nov 25, 2014

Beware the botnet

Cyber crime is affecting more organisations than it ever did before.

Nov 18, 2014

Mixed signals on skills

Companies cannot define trends in skills demand because of incongruent numbers from the sector training authority.

Jane Steinacker
Brainstorm editor.

Jane Steinacker is Brainstorm editor.