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Why AIOps is the future of application performance management

It’s not possible to deliver an excellent user experience without the help of an APM solution that can monitor any type of application or environment at any level of scale necessary.


Application performance management’s evolution to AIOps

AIOps is intrinsically affiliated with advanced levels of automation, making its value proposition more expansive and greater than that of application performance management.


Drive business payback with application performance management

The artificial intelligence for IT operations stack, starting with application performance management, is an incredible service delivery enabler.

Nomsa Samsodien
Senior consultant at CA Southern Africa.

Nomsa Samsodien is senior consultant at CA Southern Africa. She has more than 13 years’ experience in the technology industry, 10 of which were spent specialising in enterprise systems management, specifically application performance management, assisting customers in the banking, retail and public sector to understand and improve their customer experience.

In 2018, she joined CA Southern Africa’s pre-sales team, responsible for the AIOps portfolio from Broadcom, which combines full-stack monitoring across users, applications, infrastructure and network services with advanced analytics and automation aimed at solving complex IT problems before they impact customer experiences.