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Paul Vecchiatto

ITWeb Cape Town correspondent

Paul Vecchiatto is an ITWeb Cape Town correspondent.


TelecomsDec 14, 2010

Telkom loses investor confidence

The company has steadily eroded investor value, and the latest allegations of corruption just add to the disappointment, an analyst says.

TelecomsDec 10, 2010

DOC late with celebrations

Celebrating Africa Telecommunications Day after the fact is illustrative of the disorganisation within the DOC, political parties say.

InternetDec 8, 2010

Internet attacks get sophisticated

Cyber criminals are targeting governments, corporations and other organisations, says Kaspersky Labs.

BroadbandDec 8, 2010

Cape Internet Exchange pumps

The CINX is pushing through 500Mbs of data, and actual traffic volumes could be higher.

BroadbandDec 6, 2010

Didata wins R54m CT network tender

The company secures a three-year tender to build an active layer on Cape Town's fibre optic network.

TelecomsDec 3, 2010

Padayachie under the microscope

The communications minister's performance will be closely scrutinised, although the DA has given him the benefit of the doubt thus far.

CXDec 3, 2010

Contact centre incentive hits sweet spot

The Department of Trade and Industry incentives offer a tax-free grant of R112 000 per new job created.

InternetNov 26, 2010

FPB issues Outoilet takedown notice

The board wants the site closed, but has yet to hear what its Russian counterpart is going to do about it.

BroadbandNov 26, 2010

Rural areas must connect to survive

Young people will move to where they can improve their lives, and connectivity is key to that, says a visiting academic.

Open SourceNov 25, 2010

Maties beats Ikeys at programming

The University of Stellenbosch beat the University of Cape Town to represent sub-Saharan Africa in the world programming championships.

NetworkingNov 25, 2010

Employees ring up telco costs

Personal communications could be costing local companies as much as R5.9 billion a year.

WirelessNov 25, 2010

ICASA 'lets operators off the hook'

“Toothless” ICASA is afraid of the industry it is supposed to regulate, say angry MPs.