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Joe Monakali

Executive chairman and national sales director, Interconnect Systems.

Monakali’s distinguished career in the ICT sector spans two decades. Prior to his move into the ICT field, he gained extensive experience in banking, during which time he solidified his business acumen through the acquisition of a Master in Business Administration degree.

Combining these skills, he seamlessly transitioned into the ICT industry in 1997, when he assumed the roles of shareholder and director at Interconnect Systems. In this capacity, Monakali plays a pivotal role in providing strategic guidance and direction to the board, ensuring the business achieves its financial vision, mission and long-term objectives.

As the major shareholder in Interconnect Systems, he serves as chairman of the board. As national sales director, he drives the achievement of sales targets, ensuring optimal performance of the sales force across various regions within the country. Monakali is also actively involved in seeking new business ventures across South Africa, with a view to contributing to the company's continued growth and success.


ChannelAug 18, 2023

Think beyond geographical boundaries

South African technology companies have much to gain by embracing and cultivating global alliances for sustainable success.