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Roan Linde
Automation and AppSec lead at CA Southern Africa.

Roan Linde is automation and AppSec lead at CA Southern Africa. He is a highly-experienced and skilled technology specialist who has worked in design, development, implementation and integration for various enterprise-grade solutions in the financial and retail space. He is a self-confessed open source evangelist, Linux loyalist and general technology enthusiast.

Linde began his career in the IT industry in the identity and privileged access management and governance arena. He joined CA Southern Africa in 2018 as a senior consultant and thereafter moved into presales, with a focus on API management, DevSecOps, continuous testing, AiOps and automation. His primary role is to engage and understand environmental requirements in order to position the most effective and efficient solutions that deliver a successful client journey.

His responsibilities include providing product knowledge support to sales teams, delivering solutions according to client needs, support and troubleshooting implementation issues and providing project planning support. Linde is also involved in customer training and helps to build and support the knowledge base, as well as integration between various solutions. He is a Certified Veracode Professional.