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Kauthar Gool


NetworkingMay 25, 2018

Cape Town ranked low for tech readiness by PwC

The city is ranked high for its ease of doing business, but needs to improve on tech readiness, says PwC.

SoftwareMay 24, 2018

New app helps farmers obtain info quickly

An app launched by the Agricultural Research Council promises to provide useful information to farmers at the click of a button.


SA's digital destiny is far from secure

SA is far ahead of its peers in terms of digital uptake, but has squandered much of that lead through an apathetic attitude, says Dell EMC SA's Doug Woolley.


Students must prepare for digital unknown

Government must enable our education institutions to educate our youth for jobs that have not been invented yet.

SoftwareMay 9, 2018

New health app will help monitor possible outbreaks

The app will help doctors and nurses monitor and report diseases that could cause outbreaks.

TelecomsMay 9, 2018

Aetas Mobile links with SA airline

Mobile network Aetas joins up with local airline JetVision to provide customers with free flights for buying airtime.


TouchTutor Quiz gets a makeover

The updated app contains new features and a range of reference material in maths and science, and online competitions and assessments.


New app makes crypto-currency easy for kids

Pigzbe will teach kids about crypto-currency using a fun gaming device.

InnovationsApr 26, 2018

Incubator provides French connection for SA SMEs

Cape Town-based French South African Tech Labs opens applications for its third cohort of start-ups.

SoftwareApr 26, 2018

Khwela gets taxi passengers on the move

A new mini-bus taxi app aims to make locating taxis easier for commuters.


Google extends coding education to adults

Google introduces Grasshopper, an app to teach adults the fundamentals of coding.

Retail TechnologyApr 11, 2018

User-generated content a win for retail marketing

Photographs generated by consumers creates a lot more interest than stock images advertising products, according to research.