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Ilva Pieterse

ITWeb contributor

Ilva Pieterse is ITWeb contributor


Disaster recoveryMar 17, 2017

Cloudy, with a chance of DRAAS

It's about cost benefits, stupid!

BusinessFeb 16, 2017

An insecure future

Technological progress is being stunted by a shortage in global information security skills.

CIO ZoneJan 31, 2017

The hybrid life

Are we approaching a work/life singularity?


Time for change

Cloud and other disruptive technologies are forcing the traditional role of enterprise architecture?- and the enterprise architect?- to evolve.

Open SourceOct 25, 2016

Open source drives digital transformation

It's not only the usual suspects driving digital transformation - open source also has a role to play.

Open SourceOct 25, 2016

Why digital transformation needs open source

Forrester analysts released a report in April 2016, entitled 'Open Source Powers Enterprise Digital Transformation - CIOs Need To Embrace Open Source Software To Drive Change', which further drives the point.

BusinessSept 27, 2016

Is enough being done?

There are mixed opinions regarding the state of risk-based security in the public sector.


SLAs - the onus is on you

Since ultimate accountability doesn't rest with the service provider, top management needs to take an active role in the company's SLAs.

Big dataJul 27, 2016

Get your data IOT-ready

By the time the IOT hits SA, it will be too late to get your big data analytics ducks in a row.

Mobile BusinessJun 27, 2016

The world is your boardroom

Conducting meetings via mobile devices is becoming the business norm.


Left to their own devices

If you're still trying to control and manage your employees' mobile devices, you're doing it wrong.

Internet of thingsApr 26, 2016

IoT a heaven for hackers

Security can no longer be considered a choice. ?