Dr Ayotunde Coker, CEO of Open Access Data Centres - (Core competencies) | Exploring Careers in Tech

This week's episode of "Exploring Careers in Tech" features Dr. Ayotunde Coker, CEO of Open Access Data Centres, who shares insights into his journey to leadership and the essential skills required for such a role. Dr. Coker's career trajectory spans various positions across continents, from Asia to Europe, and now based in Africa, particularly Nigeria. He emphasises the significance of both core competencies, rooted in depth of knowledge, and broad competencies, focusing on continuous improvement in leadership skills as one progresses through different roles en route to becoming a CEO. Networking emerges as a cornerstone of success, with Dr. Coker underscoring the importance of leveraging connections to navigate the professional landscape effectively. He highlights the necessity of stepping into the unknown with confidence and cultivating strong interpersonal skills. Additionally, Dr. Coker emphasises the importance of demonstrating one's potential, advocating for a mindset of giving more than taking thro

Published on 17 April 2024