Tsholofelo Moeca, CIO Clover Group | Exploring Careers in Tech - "Strategic lunches"- Pilot #1

Welcome to our new career series, "Exploring Careers in Tech"! In our pilot episode, we take you behind the scenes through the journey of Tsholofelo Moeca, the CIO of Clover Group. In this episode he highlights the following key points: * Growing your network. * Getting your foot in through internships or learnerships even if renumerations is not included initialy * Getting connected with the right people who can guide you towards the right career path. * Having strategic lunches with experienced professionals investigating on what they do. He provides insights, challenges, and triumphs that shaped his career path in the technology industry. Gain valuable perspectives and inspiration from seasoned professionals like Tsholofelo who have navigated their way to the top. Don't miss out on this insightful discussion on career growth and success in the tech world. Stay tuned for more and subscribe for more episodes. #ExploringCareersInTech #CareerJourney #TechProfessionals #CareerGrowth #SuccessStories

Published on 27 March 2024